Scherer MG160/360 от "CoalMachGroup"Carbon harvester c electric supply part to the AC motor for coalbed low power. It has a built-in motor movement and a transverse recess coal. Combine supply voltage 1140 V. The total installed capacity of 361 kW. This electric cutting 2h2h80 kW electric flow of the 2x15 kW height adjustment 11 kW. The machine is equipped with a frequency converter type "one tow - two ways to" control the feed rate frequency conversion alternating current and applied to the rack engagement. The combine is designed for operation in seams between 1.0 and 1.8 m at the corners of less than 16 ° (≤ 30 ° four-quadrant converter) and medium strength, or at least medium strength carbon f <4) in a fully mechanized coal face.

Technical Parameters

Main Technical Parameters
Parameters of Mining Geological Conditon
Range of Mining Height 1,0.-1.8 m
Applied Seam Inclination ≤16°(Two quadrant converter)
  ≤30°(Four quadrant converter)
Coal Hardness Medium hardness with a small amount of coal
Main Parameters
Machine Height 678 mm
Machine Width 630 mm
Max. Cutting Height 1692 mm
Dinting Depth 156 mm
Cutting Part
Power of Cutting Motor 2х2х80 кW
Rotating Speed of Cutting Head 87,59 r/min
Cutting Head Diameter 900 mm
Feeding Part
Motor Power 2х15 кW
Haulage Mode Gear, Pin-track
Haulage Force 261 кN
Haulage Speed 0-6,68 r/min
Operation Mode
Control Mode (while coal mining) Remote control is also available
Control Machine halt, change of speed, lifting/lowering of the cutting head can be completed through remote control
Spray and Cooling System
Spray Mode Internal & External Spraying
Cooling Method The cooling method of motor, frequency converter and cutting part is water cooling.
Spray Pump Station
Type РВ-200/6,3
Max. Pressure 6,3 МPа
Spray Water Flow 200 l/min
Supply Pipe KJR19|150
Model of Matching Conveyor SGZ630/220
Total Weight 20 t