Roadheader EBZ-45 от CoalMachGroupRoadheader EBZ-45 is used for mining of coal mixed with the slaughter of economically viable rock fortress no more than ≤ 40. The combine has a compact design with a low center of gravity, easy to manage, has a manual override in the destruction of rocks.

Main parameters

Dimensions (m) 7.4x1.8x1.3
Weight (t) 14
Max. Cutting Height (m) 3.2
Max. Cutting Width (m) 4
Ground Clearance (mm) 160
Shovel Board Width (m) 1.8
Roadway Section Area (m2) 4,5 - 9,0
Economic Cutting Hardness (MPa) ≤ 40
Ground Specific Pressure (MPa) 0,1
Rotating Speed of Cutting Head (r/min) 46
Hydraulic Pressure of Cutting System (Pa) 20
Hydraulic System Pressure of Roadheader (Pa) 16
Oil Tank Capacity (L) 400
Spray Type External Spraying
Spray System Pressure (MPa) 1.5≤P≤3
Lifting Height of Shovel Board (higher than the bottom plate) (mm) 230
Dinting Depth (mm) 250
Telescopic Distance (mm) 600
Total Power (kW) 75 + 7,5
Power Voltage (V) 660/1140
Gear Rotating Speed (r/min) 35
Loading Mode Star wheel, Driven by Hydraulic Motor
Protection Type Explosion-proof & Safety
Conveyor Type Double Chain Scraper Conveyor
Chain Size 14 50-C
Scraper Conveyor Speed (m/sec) 0,8
Conveying Capacity (m3/h) 143
Travelling Mode Driven by Track-Hydraulic Motor
Travelling Speed of Roadheader (m/min) 5,6
Dimensions and Weight:

Unit Name

Weight (kg) Dimension/L×W×H
Cutting Head 1492 2725x849x300 mm
Scraper Conveyor 1300 5330x1092x284 mm
Loading Part 9978 kg in total including 500 kg hydraulic oil 4075x1400x1300 mm
In total 14000 kg in total including 500 kg hydraulic oil 7400x1800x1300 mm



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