1. Composition of equipment:
  • Mining Wet Dedusting Fan  KCS-550
  • Hood for collecting dust
  • Pipeline (the pipeline section battery)    40 м.
  • Distribution Device of Air Supply    ZKW-600A
  1. Installation with contact locations for connection to the monorail.
  2. Two variants of the location of the suction pipe in the roadway:
  •  The first option - the center of the roadway, as in the photo;
  •  the second - on the right side in the upper right corner;


Draft -1:  Distribution Device of Air Supply    ZKW-600A



Dust Collector

Technical Parameters:

Motor Power (kW) 15
Voltage (V)  660 / 1140
Working Resistance (Pa) ≤600 Pa
Operating Noise dB (A) ≤85 dB (A)
Dimensions (mm) 9580x678x1200
Weight (kg) 1050
Uniform Air Supply Efficiency ≥0.9



Draft-2: Mining Wet Dedusting Fan  KCS-550

Dust Collector



Technical Parameters

1. Mining Wet Dedusting Fan

Equipment Model: KCS-550
Rated Suction Air Flow (m3/min) ≤ 550
Working Resistance (kPa) 1.8 kPa
Dimensions (mm) 3300x832x1400
Diameter of Air Suction Pipe (mm) 800
Water Consumption (L/ min) ≤30
Motor Power (kW) 37
Voltage (V) 660 / 1140
Weight (kg) 950
Dust Collection Efficiency of Respirable Dust ≥90
Total Dust Collection Efficiency ≥99
Control Mode To work with the roadheader simultaneously
With Suspension Device Yes
With Control Valve Yes
Overall Length of Air Duct (m) 40