Specially designed for construction of tunnels in the construction of the subway connecting the grid to 380

Roadheader EBZ-100A от "CoalMachGroup" Roadheader EBZ-100A is used for mining of coal, mixed faces the fortress of rocks less than f = 6, the workings of softwood, as well as the laying of engineering tunnels. Harvester can cut, load and transport the rock mass simultaneously with loading railcars, conveyor belts and motorized belts. Harvester has a compact design, low center of gravity, easy to manage, has great potential in the destruction of the manual control of the breed. Roadheader has a configuration corresponding to a high international level, internal and external control systems with dust. Gearbox and hydraulic suspension combine integrated and highly integrated. The middle part of the transport system has a joint and a large dump height. The combine has an LCD display with a demonstration of the functions in the dynamics, easy to manage and maintain. Comprehensive electrical protection higher than the national standard. This roadheader is safe compact remote control, which is easy to manage. Roadheader is widely used for drilling in different directions for tunneling faces the soft coal and mixed faces, for penetration of softwood. Also, it is used for laying railway tracks and roads, as well as for the installation of water reservoirs.
Removable cross-sectional area from one position - 24 m ², a longitudinal tilt angle ± 18º. The optimum height for the job - 2.5-4.0 m.

Main parameters

Technical Parameters  
Length (Without Reversed Loader) (m) 9,22
Length (With Reversed Loader) (m) 15,4
Shovel Borad Width (m) 2
Outer Width of Track (m) 1,96
Width of Machine Body (m) 1,99
Max. Feeding Height (m) 1,95
Working Height of Cutting Head (m) 1,87
Weight (t) 30
Ground Clearance (mm) 245
Dinting Depth (Dinting Depth of Cutting Head) (mm) 410
Dinting Depth (Shovel Board) (mm) 410
Loading Height (mm) 350
Gradeability ±14°
Economic Cutting Hardness (MPa) ≤50
Total Power (kW) 162,5
Manufacturing Parameters, Locating Section Size (m) 5,17 (H) х 5,58 (W)
Locating Cutting Area (m2) 25
Gantry Height (mm) 380
Non-removable Part Dimensions (m) 3.0 х 1.0 х 1.37
Max. Non-removable Part Dimensions (m) 3,0х1,0х1,37
Max. Non-removable Part Weight (t) 5,5
Cutting Part  
Cutting Head Mode Spherical, Conical Pick
Rotating Speed of Cutting Head (r/min) 46 / 23
Motor Power (kW) 100 / 60
Telescopic Distance of Cutting Head (mm) 560
Pick Quantity 30
Spray Type Internal & External Spraying
Shovel Board Part  
Loading Type Four-axis
Conveying Capacity (m3/min ) 2
Coal Feeder Width (Shovel Board Width) (m) 2
Dinting Depth (shovel board) (mm) 410
Lifting Height of Shovel Board (mm) 341
Reversed Loader  
Type Twin Outboard Chain Scraper
Motor Conveying Capacity (m3/min) 4
Chute Size (mm) 500 * 285 (w * h )
Chian Speed (m/min) 58
Travelling Part  
Type Caterpillar
Travelling Speed (m/min) 3.5 / 7
Track Width (mm) 450
Ground Specific Pressure (MPa) 0,14
(Chain Track) Chain-tension Method Cylinder
Hydraulic System  
System Pressure (MPa) 15,7
Oil Tank Capacity (L) 400
Oil Pump Motor Power (kW) 55
Hydraulic Motor  
  •       2 motors in travelling part (ml/min)
  •       2 motors in shovel board part (ml/min)
IAM1200 H4
  •       2 motors in First Conveyor (central part of scraper) (ml/min)
IAM400 H2
  •       1 motor in internal spray system (ml/min)
Direction Change of Manual Lever 5 groups
Cooling Method Water
Cylinder Quantity (piece) 14
Spray System  
Dust Suppression Internal & External Spraying
Consumption (L/min) 100
Nozzle Pressure of External Spraying (MPa) 1,5
Nozzle Pressure of Internal Spraying (MPa) 3
Belt Conveyor  
Length (m) 7,1
Weight (t) 2,55
Max. Height (m) 2,15
Min. Height (m) 0,8
Transverse Swing Ability (m) 5
Swing Angle (°) 15
Belt Speed (m/min) 1,6
Belt Width (mm) 650
Parameters of Electric Drum  
  •       Power (kW)
  •       Rotating Speed (r/min)
  •       Voltage (V)
  •       Diameter (mm)
Electrical Equipment  
1. Main Circuit  
      Rated Voltage (V) AC380
      Rated Current (A) ≤315
      Rated Frequency (Hz) 50
      Output 4
      Rated Power (kW) 162,5
2. Control Unit  
      Type CXH4-24E
      Degree of Protection Explosion-proof
      Rated Voltage (V) DC24
      Rated Power (kW) <4.8
3. Power Switch  
      Size and Type KXJ1-163 / 380E-4
      Degree of Protection Explosion-proof
      Rated Voltage (V)  
  • Voltage of Main Circuit
  • Voltage of Control Circuit
AC36V, AC220V, AC24V, DC24V, DC12V,AC120V, AC100V
      Rated Current (A) ≤315
4. Motor Working Principle  
Type Asynchronous, Explosion-proof, Water Cooling
Model DEBD-100 / 60-4 / 8S, H Insulation, Type of Work S2
Rated Voltage (V) AC380
Rated Current (A) 190 / 165
5. Oil Pump Motor  
Type Asynchronous, Explosion-proof, Water Cooling
Model YBU-55 (Univoltage),Insulation Grade H, Type of Work S1
Rated Voltage (V) AC380
Rated Current (A) 105
6. Braking System  
Size and Model Explosion-proof
      Rated Voltage (V) BZA2-5 / 36J (A) Interlock Device
      Rated Current (A) AC36V
      Application 5
  • To urgently brake the roadheader (general emergency stop)
  • To urgently brake the cutting
7. Electric Bell  
      Type Explosion-proof
      Size and Model BAL1-127
      Rated Voltage (V) AC127
      Rated Current (A) 0,35
8. Lighting  
      Type Explosion-proof
      Size and Model DGE15 / 24L (A)
      Rated Voltage (V) AC24
      Rated Power (W) 15
      Quantity (piece) 3
9. Methane Sensor (Gas Sensor)  
      Type CJG4, Explosion-proof
      Rated Voltage (V) DC18
      Rated Current (mA) 320



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