Shearer MG100/240 drum coal combine a multi-motor control transverse. Harvester with a hydraulic supply system, which is used in the coal seam of low power. The total installed capacity of 240 kW. Cutting force 2x100 kW propulsion power of 40 kW and a power supply voltage 1140V. Harvester uses hydraulic speed control and traction contact track, it is designed to operate on layers of 0.65 to 1.2 m at angles less than 30 ° and medium strong working surface.

Main Technical Parameters

Parameters of Mining Geological Condition MG100/240-BW
Range of Mining Height 0.76-1.5 m
Applied Seam Inclination ≤35°
Coal Hardness Medium-hard
Height (mm)  
Motor Power 40 kW
Haulage Mode Hydraulic Chainless Haulage
Haulage Force 150 kN
Haulage Speed 0-5 m/min
Matching Conveyor  
Conveyor Model SGZ-630
Total Weight 9 t