Roadheader EBZ-160 от "CoalMachGroup" Roadheader EBZ-160 used for mining of coal, mixed faces, as well as used for tunneling. When tunneling and rock cutting coal combine rock fortress used to no more than 75 MPa. These conditions are best for cutting, loading and transporting rocks. The layout of miner combine a compact, low center of gravity, easy to manage perfectly works on the uprising, destroying confidence strong breed. The cutting of the miner combine has a telescopic body, external and internal irrigation, used for dust suppression. Reducer working body and the motor are combined and highly integrated. Maternal body assembly line is located in the center, is a straight line and a large dump height. The machine has an LCD display with a demonstration of the functions in dynamic, easy to manage and maintain. Standard electrical equipment higher than the national standards. The hydraulic system has a function to maintain a constant pressure in the hydraulic system. The contour lines of the pressure in the cutting and loading circuit is sensitive overload protection. Compact size and easy control unit creates a significant safety at work. The processor used in several new patent technology.
miner combine is widely used both in deep mines at large angles of incidence of soft coal seams, in the sinking of mixed faces and in tunneling for railways, highways and reservoirs. Most Removable cross-sectional area from one position - 25.4 m², a longitudinal tilt angle ± 18º. The optimum height for the job - 2,5-4.0 m. miner combine EBZ-160 is a crawler designed for the average mode, having the executive body of the election type. Harvester is used for sinking mines and tunnels. Combine a electrohydraulic drive system and a modular design for easy transport, assembly / disassembly and maintenance.
Mountain mass bounces rotating cutting body is located on the harvester boom. Cutting body driven by a motor with water cooling via a two-speed epicyclic gearboxes and. Manipulation of the boom is done vertically / horizontally and with the help of hydraulic cylinders arc and moves freely in allowing selectively run in the bottom of any production profile. Dust suppression system is located on the boom and a set of nozzles irrigate the treated area under irrigation and clove through the nozzles on the executive board. If necessary, combine harvester can be fitted with high-pressure irrigation system. The executive body is equipped with a telescopic device allowing to nominate the executive body of 550 mm, for the convenience of taking the pits when attaching the frame or arch support. Auxiliary mounting arch support is also located on the boom.
Standard executive body of the axial type motor has a power of 160 kW. Repulsed rock mass is going on the feeder as it moves to the bottom of the combine. The feeder can be raised and lowered as necessary to ensure proper clearance at the stretch of the combine or work rebellion / fall produce. The feeder is equipped with a shovel stars that move the rock mass to the scraper conveyor, mounted in the center of the combine. Stars are hydraulically driven via gears mounted under the feeder. The scraper conveyor drive is equipped with two hydraulic motors on the collapse of the conveyor and docked with the feeder is mounted on the front and rear hinge arms combine. This arrangement allows the conveyor to move with the feeder when lowering / lifting of the latter. The scraper conveyor transports the material is chipped into the tail of the car, where the shipment takes place in the mine transport systems.
The movement of the combine by means of trucks. Truckee driven by a hydraulic motor through a gearbox. Each motor has a built-in trucking braking system, which is triggered when disconnecting the electrical or hydraulic systems. The brake system is also activated if the control lever Tracians in neutral. Truckee have a low ground pressure, allowing you to work in a very soft soil. Behind the machine are auxiliary jacks for lifting the combine. These jacks are used to stabilize the harvester at work as well as the passage of the inclined workings. In addition, jacks may be used in servicing processor. The hydraulic system is equipped with oil station, consisting of a piston pump, resulting in the operation of the motor with air cooling. The hydraulic system consists of a number of high-pressure circuits and control circuits and control.
All hose connections and fittings are equipped with the BRC, which makes all the hydraulic circuits are easy to service. Cooling of the hydraulic system and engine cutter body carried out by means of an aqueous vehicle. Water system directs the flow of coolant through the cooling oil tank and through the engine water jacket cutter body. Once the water has passed through all the single phase cooling system, it may be applied to the dust suppression system or removed through the drain line. Water system of the machine is equipped with pressure sensors and flow of water.

Technical specification

The sensors are connected to an electrical control circuit, which allows the engine to run the executive body only if the required level of flow / pressure water, providing cooling and irrigation.



Roadheader EBZ-160 for the average mode, in general, is described in the technical specifications and of collected of the following:


  • Electoral executive body with one cutting unit and irrigation under the tooth.

Loading systems and conveyors:

  • Hydraulic shovel asterisk.
  • The hydraulically adjustable feeder.
  • Conveyor with hydraulic drive, double-row round-link chain.


  • The hydraulic drive system of trucking.
  • The safety brake.
  • Automatic hydraulic track chain tension.

Hydraulic equipment:

  • Oil station.
  • БРС.
  • Automatic and manual pumping oil in the oil tank.


  • Open cooling method.


  • The electrical contactor control station ..
  • The motor oil station.
  • The motor of the cutting body.
  • Two headlights.
  • Two taillights.
  • Prestart alert.
  • The emergency stop button machines.
  • Pressure sensors water discharge.


  • 2 fixed jack.


  • Individual lubricant through a grease fittings.
Technical Parameters
Machine Length 9440 mm
Machine Height 1650 mm
Machine Width 2900 mm
Total Weight (Standard Configuration) 45 t
Ground Clearance 260 mm
Max. Non-removable Part Dimensions (L×W×H) 3,5х1,2х1,5 m
Cutting Parameters
Max. Cutting Height 4800 mm
Max. Cutting Width 5400 mm
Dinting Depth 200 mm
Cutting Motor Power 160 кW
Rotating Speed of Cutting Head 23 и 46 r/min
Telescopic Distance of Cutting Head 550 mm
Economic Cutting Hardness ≤ 75 МPа
Scraper Conveyor
Conveyor Type Fixed Double Circuit
Link Specifications 18х64
Rated Chain Speed of Scraper 61 m/min
Driving Mode of Conveyor Hydraulic
Loading and Conveying System
Loading Mode Chain Wheel
Driving Mode of the Star Wheel of Shovel Board Hydraulic
Loading Chain Wheel Type Four-axis
Gear Rotating Speed 33 r/min
Conveying Capacity 3,4 m³/min
Travelling Speed (Rated Travelling Speed) 0 - 6,0 m/min
Motor Mode Hydraulic
Track Height 450 mm
Ground Specific Pressure 0,14МPа
Gradeability ±18°
Oil Station
Motor of Oil Station 75 кW
System Pressure 18 МPа
Oil Tank Capacity 500 l
Water Consumption
Dust Suppression Internal & External Spraying
Working Pressure of Internal Spraying 3 МPа
Electrical Equipment
Supply Voltage 1140/660В 50 Hz
Oil Pump Motor Power 75 кW
Cutting Motor Power 160/80 кW
Total Power 235 кW



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