Scherer MG80/120 от "CoalMachGroup" Scherer MG80 / 120 type of screw coal combine a new machine with the recommendations of the screw. It has a built-in motor movement and a transverse recess coal. Harvester with a hydraulic supply system, which is used in the coal seam of low power. The total installed capacity of 120 kW. This cutting 2x40 kW electric motor and the feed portion 40 kW. Voltage 1140V. The hydraulic supply system and is used with an adjustable rack gearing. Harvester designed to operate on layers of 0.65 to 1.2 m at angles less than 30 ° and medium strong working surface.

Main Technical Parameters

Parameters of Mining Geological Condition MG80/120-TBW MG80/20
Range of Mining Height 0.65-1.2 m 0.75-1.3 m
Applied Seam Inclination ≤30° ≤30°
Coal Hardness Medium-hard
Feeding Part    
Motor Power 40 kW 40 kW
Haulage Mode Hydraulic Chainless Haulage Gear, Pin-track
Haulage Force 150 kN 150 kN
Haulage Speed 0-5 m/min 0-5 m/min
Matching Conveyor    
Conveyor Model SGZ630/ 150CT
Total Weight 9 t 12 t